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Premix Flavour Art Maxboro 100ml

This liquid's flavour is similar to a popular tobacco "Marlboro".

To make a liquid with a 3mg nicotine strength (max bottle capacity 120ml), 20ml NICOTINE BASE with a 18mg nicotine strength, should be added to the bottle.

To obtain a certain strength of the liquid, the recommended doses of 18mg nicotine base should be used:

Premix symbol 20/30 25/30 34/50 42/50 37/55 46/55 50/60 100/120
Amount of nicotine base 10ml 5ml 16ml 8ml 18ml 9ml 10ml 20ml
Final liquid strength 6mg 3mg 6mg 3mg 6mg 3mg 3mg 3mg

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